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Handy Area Code Change List

Starting February 3rd, 2001 the Kansas 316 area code will be split into two different area codes. Wichita will retain the 316 area code and the rest of the lower half of the state will have to change their numbers. There will be a permissive dialing period which will give callers time to adjust to the new 620 area code and for you to update your posted phone numbers. Either area code, 620 or 316, will work during this time. This period is supposed to be in effect from February 3rd, 2001 till sometime in November 2001 which gives you plenty of time to update everything.

We didn't realize how many things we would have to change, both for our business and for our personal phone numbers - it adds up quick! Therefore we decided to make a list up of everything that we would need to change and have posted it here for you to print off. We hope that you find it a helpful reminder for your home or business.


[Business Checklist]
[Home Checklist]


Business Area Code Change Check List
Fax machine (published numbers plus the machine itself has to be reprogrammed)
Programmed Phones
Answering Machine/Voice mail greetings
Programmed Cell Phones (numbers stored in memory plus the phone itself)
Preprinted Checks
Preprinted Stationery
Mailing Labels
Rubber Stamps
Letter Heads
Business Cards
Ads (Print, TV, Radio, Internet)
Signage or Billboards
Vehicle Signage
Phone Book Ads
Dial up Internet settings
Text on Web Pages
Internet Domain Registration and Contact Information
Email Signatures (sig lines)
ICQ or other instant messaging contact info.
Notify Online and Offline Business Contacts
Accounting Dept.
Credit Card Company Account Information
Billing Contacts
Delivery Contacts
Shipping Contacts
Handouts (pens, calendars etc...)
Phone Numbers Printed on Building


Home Area Code Change Check List
Home/Fax Machine
Programmed Phones
Answer Mach. greetings
Programmed Cell Phones
Personal Checks
Preprinted Stationery
Mailing Labels
Rubber Stamps
Business and Billing Contacts
Notify Friends and Family
Internet settings
Notify Online Contacts (buddy lists)
Personal Web Pages (if applicable)
Email Footers containing contact information
Contact Information With Any Online Accounts
Classified Ads (contact info)
Notify Doctor Offices out of town
Posted Phone Lists
Teach children the new area code

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