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Things you should know while in Iola

Kansas and Iola both have some laws that you might not be familiar with. This pages lists laws and other things that visitors need to be aware of.

Speed limits and construction

Fines double in road construction zones.

Please keep an eye out for the construction workers.

Kansas Speed limits

K.S.A. 8-1558 establishes the following maximum speed limits:

  • 30 mph in any urban district
  • 70 mph on any separated, multilane highway that is designated and posted by the secretary of transportation
  • 55 mph on any county or township highway
  • 65 mph on all other highways

Minors in Iola

Curfew for minors - City of Iola

"A curfew is enforced stating that any child under the age of 18 shall not be allowed to loiter or roam the streets or public areas either by foot or motor vehicle between the hours of 12:00 midnight on any day and 6:00 am of the following day."

Sec. 62-3 Iola City Code

No Cigarettes or tobacco products shall be purchased or in possession by or of a minor .

It is unlawful for any person under 18 years of age to possess or attempt to purchase tobacco products. A fine will be given to those who are caught in violation.

Visit the NEW Iola Police Department website!

Vehicle need to knows

Keep it turned down - Use of sound amplification systems.

"No person operating or occupying a motor vehicle shall operate or permit the operation of any sound amplification system from within the vehicle so that the sound is plainly audible from a distance of 50 feet from the vehicle."

Sec. 90-2 Traffic and Vehicles

No Riding on Vehicles or in the back of a Pickup Truck

"It is deemed unlawful for any persons to ride on any vehicle or upon any portion thereof not designed or intended for the use of passengers when the vehicle in in motion."

This shall not apply to:
(1) An employee engaged in the necessary discharge of the employee's duty within truck bodies in space intended for cargo or
(2) When vehicle is operated in a parade, caravans or exhibitions which are officially authorized or permitted by law.

Sec. 182 & 115

Dark Tinted Windows - Tinting Restrictions (Iola)

A sun screening device when used in conjunction with the windshield shall be nonreflective and shall not be red, yellow or amber in color. Cannot be to the immediate left or right of the driver. The windows behind the driver shall be non reflective and the total light transmission no less than 35% when a sun screening device is used.
KSA 8-1749 this applies to vehicles everywhere in the state...including Allen County.

Tail Light covers are illegal everywhere in Kansas as well, unless they are completely clear with no tint.

Lights under vehicles are allowed in Iola and Allen County.
However they must be under the car and run toward the ground.

At this time, we are receiving conflicting information regarding the lights under vehicles. If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the local Police department or the Allen County Sheriff department.


No covers (dark screening) on headlamps (Kansas)
No vehicle registered to operated on the highways shall be equipped with headlamps which are covered with any sun screen device, film or glaze which when lamps are not in use is highly reflective or otherwise nontransparent. Disclaimer

Lighted license plate frames and covers.
Are allowed at this time as long as they are a steady burning frame. Frames that are flashing are illegal.

KSA 8-1729 states that the Tag Light must be white in color. It also says that the only lights allowed to be displayed to the rear of a vehicle are Red, Amber, or Yellow for tail lights/brake lights/signal lights. White is reserved for backup lights and the tag light.

Blue headlamp bulbs are allowed at this time.


No Beer or Liquor Sales after 11:00pm

No Beer or Liquor Sales on Sundays and Holidays (Kansas State Law)

Watch out for Deer and Farm Animals

No Thermonuclear weapons in city limits (Iola)

No Fireworks in city limits (Iola)

No open burning in city limits without a permit(can you get a permit?)

Law about selling things in parking lots or without a business (have to have a license)

Don't cut in line at Fast Food Restaurant

Disclaimer: Information provided by the Allen County Sheriff's office. Iola.com does not claim to be an authority on legal issues. If you have any questions regarding laws and ordinances, contact the appropriate offices.

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